posted: 1/28/2016

“There was very little acknowledgement of the ongoing release.”

James Hartwell reveals the secret of the eternal leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the Taylor Energy disaster. Although the company was forced to present information on its 11-year leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the meeting spurred more questions than answers. Lt Gen Russel Honore of the GreenArmy, a statewide environmental movement in Louisiana, excused himself after a Taylor representative threatened to shut down the meeting because the General asked questions concerning the environmental impacts of the ongoing oil leak. AP reports that the site will leak indefinitely, according to government sources.  

posted: 1/10/2016

“DIY art is like an open pit mine for mainstream culture. ”

Wtul News and Views interviews Nyx from Total War Puppets

Nyx from Total War Puppets dropped by to talk about the end of tour blowout–four shows at the Mudlark, starring Pharoah, the founders of Paypal, and a long-dead ‘96 Toyota Tercel.  

Saturday night saw a full house at the Mudlark. There’s still shows Tuesday and Wednesday. The show takes on cybernetics, free-market capitalism and occultism.

“Fire with Fire” will run Jan. 12 and 13 at 7 pm at the Mudlark Public Theater, 1200 Port St.

This show is intended for adults and involves a scene of domestic violence. Discussion to follow performance. Visit the tour’s Facebook Event Page for the latest information.

posted: 1/6/2016

Winter Circle Productions & WTUL Present Unknown Mortal Orchestra with Lower Dens at Republic NOLA on February 11th!

Get your tickets:

posted: 12/30/2015

DJ Habi of WTUL News and Views interviews artist and prison reform advocate Jackie Sumell about her in-progress exhibition called The Solitary Gardens. The garden is an alternative land-use project dedicated to prisoners forced into solitary confinement. Sumell discusses Herman Wallace, who sparked her interest in the abolition of solitary confinement, and who was the focus of her previous project titled The House that Herman Built. She explains the symbolism behind the project, as well as the healing value it will have.

posted: 11/30/2015

From November 30 to December 4, the internationally renowned Mivos Quartet will be engaged in a new...

posted: 11/11/2015

Remembering one of New Orleans’ most legendary and celebrated performers Mr. Allen Toussaint. Rest in peace.

Mid-2am - The Atomic Lawn
2-4am - The Playground
4-6am - When in NOLA!
6-8am - Too Late for a TV Show
8-10am - Kids Show
10am-Noon - Opera
Noon-2pm - Folk/Bluegrass
2-4pm - Hayride to Hell
4-6pm - The Five
6-8pm - Saturday Jazz
8-10pm - Alternative Oldies
10-Mid - Estrogen Fueled Radio/Dirty Robofunk Show

Dancing in the Dark
Hot Chip
The Bitter Boogie
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Your Love
Mick Jenkins
Paper Mache Dream Balloon
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Pretty Pimpin
Kurt Vile
Shake it Fo Ya Hood
ricky b
Die Alone
Donovan Wolfington
In Time
FKA twigs
Under Friendly Fire
Husky Rescue
Car 2
New Holland
The Line
Peace Out
Shocking Pinks
Catching the Rich Train
Wolf Eyes
Indian Summer
Beat Happening
You're Not Good Enough
Blood Orange
All the same
I'm Your Doll
FKA Twigs
Flesh Without Blood

The song "No Dark Things" performed by Echo and the Bunnymen is better than anything U2 ever came up with.
1/4/2016 9:32 AM

router boy
ellsworth, wexler, lemmy and meadowlark lemmon. what the hell?!
12/29/2015 10:59 AM

Very relaxing to know Rotten Milk is on the board. I've run thru all the streams--this is the best one on now
Show: Mon 2-4pm - Past Your Eyes
12/28/2015 3:50 PM

12/19/2015 11:51 PM

Tuned in from París, France just to Heard New Holland ;) Thanks for having Alex on the show
12/13/2015 5:49 PM

Alex's Dad
New Holland is Awesome !
12/13/2015 5:43 PM

who was doing "college radio" today? playin majical cloudz and raleigh ritchie. thx + ily
Show: Tue Noon-2pm - Progressive
12/8/2015 3:43 PM

Will the current song title ever be shown in the player? Other stations do it.
12/3/2015 11:40 AM

Where's the 'edit' button? "..time out of his life..".
Show: Sun 8-10 - Cheez
11/29/2015 9:51 AM

Thank you to Larry D, an icon at WTUL, for taking time out his like to play a great Cheez show.
Show: Sun 8-10 - Cheez
11/29/2015 9:50 AM

07:05 am
Blue In Green
Nilson Matta
World Blue Records
07:01 am
Frankly, Mr. Shankly
The Smiths
The Queen is Dead
06:55 am
Fredi's Cha Cha
Marsha Heydt and the Project of Love
Diggin' the Day
Bluejazz Productions
06:52 am
Piekny Koniec
06:50 am
Young Boy Daydreams
Glen Ackerman
Glenious Alien Landscape
Blue Bamboo Music
06:43 am
La decadense
Serge Gainsbourg
L'amour a la Gainsbourg
06:40 am
Lovers' Revolution
Iron & Wine
Ghost On Ghost
06:36 am
The K.K.K. Took My Baby Away
The Last Show
Radioactive Records
06:33 am
06:32 am
Sigur Ros
Med Sud...

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