posted: 4/22/2015

Principle Bassist for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and member of local chamber group Musaica, Dave Anderson has had a long career as multifaceted player and composer. Dave stopped by WTUL to talk about his career thus far, including the importance of his relationships with bass virtuoso Frank Proto and Philadelphia Orchestra Principle Bassist Hal Robinson to his writing. Dave also talks about his association with the annual Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon, proclaims his love of New Orleans, and offers advice for where you can get the best seats in the soon-to-reopen Orpheum Theater. Finally, Dave discusses his relationship with Musaica and the upcoming world premiere of a new sextet that will be performed for their season-ending April 26 & 27 program, Mostly Mozart.

Please note, recordings of Dave Anderson compositions were removed from this interview for legal reasons. Also, the date of the first Musaica concert has been moved from Monday, April 20 to Monday, April 27.

Musaica presents “Mostly Mozart“
Sunday, April 26, 3:00 p.m.
St. John’s Episcopal Church
718 Jackson Street, Thibodaux

Monday, April 27, 7:30 p.m. 
Munholland Methodist Church,
1201 Metairie Road, Metairie

W.A. Mozart: Flute Quartet in D major
James Legg:
Suite for Oboe and Harp
W.A. Mozart:
String Quintet in G minor
David Anderson:
“Couperin Variations” - Sextet for Flute, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Double Bass, and Harp

posted: 4/22/2015

Gahiji and Loyola Law Professor Bill Quigley talk bail bonds

posted: 4/22/2015

Gahiji discusses bail bonds and plays talks from Justice and Beyond featuring talks from District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro  and Bill Quigley with an additional intervew with Loyola Professor Bill Quigley.

posted: 4/20/2015

April is National Poetry Month, each Monday this month WTUL News & Views will air an episode of The Prison Poetry Workshop Radio Series. Prison Poetry Workshop is a public radio show, hosted by Rend Smith, that travels across the country exploring the history and stories connected to the prison poetry literary form. This morning we explore prison poetry and prisoner poets in New York, visiting legendary institutions like Riker’s Island jail and Attica prison, to discover poetry as transformation.

A poet famous for writing about the civil rights movement and for epitomizing black arts movement feminism, Sonia Sanchez passed through Attica’s gates 8 years after its legendary 1971 uprising. Though she’d never been incarcerated herself, for several years, she’d been married to widely praised prison poet Etheridge Knight. As Sanchez took the stage for a reading, memories of Attica’s insurrection and its casualties must have still lingered. In this episode of PPW, we go looking for prison poetry and prisoner poets in New York, visiting legendary institutions like Riker’s Island jail and Attica prison, to discover poetry as transformation.

Segment - A
McGregor prison is a tough place. According to the Correctional Association of New York, about 54 percent of its inmates are serving time for violent offenses. Yet, poet Cara Benson opens a session of the poetry workshop at the medium security prison by asking a group of all male prisoners to write a feminist poem. As we get to know this group, we see how well it cultivates sensitivity.

Segment - B
Bronx native and writer Victoria Sammartino takes us through a writing exercise that utilizes anaphora— and also explains what that is. Afterward, we take a drive with Derrick Anderson, a former McGregor poet whose family is facing eviction, and who isn’t sure he’ll be able to find a job in time to prevent it. With all the stress and time constraints in his life, he’s found that the easiest way to continue writing and sharing poetry is by text message. The guy on the receiving end of those digital missives is Sean Dalpiaz, another former inmate.

Patrick Mathieu says that, back in the 90s, he was always wishing he had more time to pursue his myriad interests. When he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, he wondered if the universe had finally answered his prayers, and couldn’t stop laughing. Angie Ortiz, on the other hand, found nothing funny about her situation. Incarcerated at Rikers Island while she was pregnant, she wound up  giving birth in shackles. Both ex-offenders use  poetry to relay their experiences.

posted: 3/14/2015

BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah just killed it! DJ Windows 98 bout to come up @thebukuproject #BUKU15

posted: 3/14/2015

TV on the Radio just coming on! @thebukuproject #BUKU15

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Listening to Stage and Screen from bumfuck eastern Kentucky. Even though this isn't my jam, I'm staying tuned in because I'm missing NOLA like crazy! One love!
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Girlpool rocks!
4/25/2015 11:23 PM

Since when is there a sports talk show on this station? SOOOO BOOOORRRRINNNGG!!! Play some fucking music that I haven't heard before.
4/23/2015 9:27 AM

Hoping this fire alarm is just a drill. The sound of the end of the record spinning around is super creepy. Everyone ok?
4/13/2015 5:16 PM

usually in class during yer show milk, happy to be home and tuning in. abrazos.
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4/4/2015 10:53 PM

Fantastic show right now! Thank you
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4/2/2015 9:47 PM

Laura Lee
Tuned in for the Chewbacchus update and loved the music!!! You have a new listener - keep on groovin':)
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Really sweet mix currently going on, listening from a couple hours away...
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Larry Durante
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