posted: 7/22/2015

Pam Nath speaks to WTUL News and Views about the forgiveness the families of the victims of the Charleston shooting offered Dylan Roof, how White Supremacy operates in our society and the role white people can play, and how the debate between Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mayor Mitch Landrieu demonstrates the issues still alive and well even among those making some effort to address issues of race. Includes conversation about hope and how we could move forward as a society.

posted: 7/20/2015

8 minutes Latter Teens Advisory and WTUL News & Views present “Unmask Your Hometown Heroes!” Audio from July 1st – featuring Community Records. Community Records is not a traditional form of a record label, but more as a collective. Band members Kara and John of the band Woozy played some of their work at Latter Library and talked with the teens about their inspirations and visions for their community.

For Summer Reading Program 2015 at the Latter Branch of the New Orleans Public Library, teens wrote interview questions, learned the basics of recording audio, and conducted interviews for the radio with “hometown heroes,” local musicians and New Orleans community groups. Many thanks to Heart, New Orleans EMS, Association of Women in the Sciences, Rosalie Apothecary, Woozy of Community Records, and Crescent City Soccer.

posted: 7/17/2015

A visit to a long abandoned Maroon colony evokes an echo of desolation of past struggles.

“We’re weaving northeast towards Bayou St. Malo. In the late 1700s, during Spanish rule, Bayou St. Malo was the territory of the largest band of escaped slaves in the region. They were known as Maroons, a term derived from the French word marronage, which more or less means “to run away.” The inhabitants of St. Malo lived off of the land, hunting and fishing in the marshes. They worked in the cypress mills that spread like fractals in the swamps. They built permanent settlements along the southern shore of Lake Borgne, and defended their territory from incursions with weapons stolen from the plantations they had escaped. “Woe to the white who would pass this boundary,” was purported to be written next to an axe buried deep into a cypress tree on the edge of their autonomous zone. “

posted: 7/14/2015

WTUL Presents DJ Soul Sister’s Summer of Funk at One Eyed Jacks Friday July 17th!

More Info:

posted: 5/27/2015

This friday at 10pm, join us for the first AHWE Live DJ set, only on WTUL New Orleans 91.5fm all summer long.

posted: 5/27/2015

Daniel Lelchuk is the Assistant Principal cellist of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and New Orleans Opera Association, as well as member of Lyrica Baroque. Recently, Daniel visited WTUL to discuss his lifelong love affair with the cello, his career so far, and his association with the award-winning Lyrica Baroque. The interview features live recordings of the ensemble performing Friedrich Fasch’s “Trio Sonata in D minor” and movements 3 & 4 of Antonio Vivaldi’s “Cello Sonata No. 6 in B Flat” at St. Louis Cathedral, June 2014.

On Sunday, May 31, Lyrica Baroque presents Baroque & Beyond, a program that highlights operatic arias and unique arrangements of instrumentals from the Baroque and Classical periods. Members of the chamber ensemble also include nationally acclaimed soprano Sarah Jane McMahon, oboist Jaren Atherholt, bassoonist and contrabassoonist Ben Atherholt, violinist Joe Meyer, and keyboardist Angela Park.

Recordings of Lyrica Baroque performances reproduced with permission.

Lyrica Baroque presents “Baroque & Beyond”
Sunday, May 31, 3:00 p.m.
Dixon Hall, Tulane University

Featuring works by Handel, C.P.E. Bach, Mozart, Schubert, and more.

Mid-2am - Night Gallery/100 mph Blood Rally
2-4am - Magical Mystery Box of Peaches
4-6am - College Radio
6-8am - Classical
8-10am - TBD
10am-Noon - Ben and Joe’s Classic Show
Noon-2pm - College Radio
2-4pm - Legitimate Music Show,/Laura B. Pyroots Thru the Stacks
4-6pm - The Zu Zu Hour
6-8pm - Jazz
8-10pm - Avenida Panamericana
10-Mid - TBD

Jenny Hval
Waiting Room
i'm in love
fool's gold
Huarache Lights
Hot Chip
patrick watson
that's it!
Preservation Hall Jazz Band

The Call Girls
the soft moon
the soft moon
Pretty in the Country
Zac Maras
Hang on
halcyon days
Love Is The Future
Hot Chip
Buy Bye Bhai
King Khan & The BBQ Show

Justin (again)
I am sorry for unkind message below. I can understand Miss Juanita having a bad day, I'd rather she take it out on me than anyone else. She is a good person. All the DJ's have been kind to me. WTUL has done so much for this community, all with people whom volunteer their time and energy. Thank you for the years of radio.
7/28/2015 12:29 AM

The message below hopefully can be deleted because it's unkind. I can't blame everybody for one person's bad attitude. I do love WTUL and will continue to support the radio station.
7/25/2015 5:21 AM

That old bag Juanita just chewed me out for calling the station a lot and supporting this radio station. Alright, y'all will never hear from me again and I will no longer give any money to this station, you assholes!
7/24/2015 6:28 PM

Mom likes Hunter best!
Show: Mon 4-6pm - Storm Surge of Reverb
7/6/2015 4:05 PM

Are you intentionally trying to play the most annoying setlist ever heard on WTUL?
7/3/2015 8:26 PM

Chera Pickett
I looove The Painted Hands!!!!! Thank you for the interview and for introducing their music!
6/30/2015 5:39 PM

Loving this show! Screeching Crap I believe..... Pee Wee & Quint being my favorite 2 highlights...
6/24/2015 3:24 PM

whoever is djing right now is making my week
6/24/2015 2:11 PM

Minutemen and Meat Puppets? Awesome show! Silver Jews 6/7/15 4-6 pm
6/7/2015 5:58 PM

It was a humid New Orleans morning, 2:30am May 1983. My brother delivered pizzas, and I would go with him to watch out for him. Waiting for his last order, we sat in the parking lot. With WTUL on the radio, he suddenly says "..listen to this song, this is the band R.E.M.!" It was 'Radio Free Europe'. That song changed my life as a musician and a human being. Thank you WTUL
Show: Sat 10-Noon - Ecclectic Cuisine
6/6/2015 10:27 AM

11:42 pm
C'est Fab
Nancy Sesay & The Melodaires
C'est Fab
It's War Boys
11:40 pm
Guerre Froide
11:37 pm
Break The Ice At Parties
The Tesco Bombers
11:32 pm
Shopping/Tour of China
Pink Section
Pink Section
Superior Viaduct
11:30 pm
I Never Knew
The Avocados
I Never Knew
Choo Choo Train
11:28 pm
The Petticoats
Bla-Bla-Bla Records
11:24 pm
I Want to Know You Better
The Cupcakes
2 Song Demo
11:22 pm
Cro Aloha
The Breeders
11:16 pm
Jesus and Mary Chain
Sub Pop
11:12 pm
Film Music
Family Fodder
Film Music
Fresh Records

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